In response to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, Dr. Goldman will be offering only telemedicine services to all new and existing patients beginning Monday, April 13, 2020. To schedule an appointment and for more information, please call our office at 817-329-3300. We are accepting new patients at this time and look forward to meeting you.

Welcome to Southlake Psychiatric & Counseling Center Serving Austin, TX

  • Mental health has become more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many mental health issues (depression, anxiety, or social or behavioral issues) can arise from a combination of environmental influences, genetic factors, and an individual’s way of dealing with conflict, stress, and trauma. All of these mental health issues can affect individuals differently, which is why our Southlake Psychiatric & Counseling Center works closely with you to find the best approach. At our Austin psychiatric clinic and behavioral health center, we understand that it can be difficult to get effective treatment for mental health issues. This is why our staff makes sure you get the treatment you need in an easy and safe way. Our full-service psychiatric clinic and behavioral health center in Austin offers the highest care, providing counseling for children, youth, adults, and seniors. Our experienced and licensed staff is committed to providing patients with the best mental health care, making sure all of their personal goals are met and they have the tools to succeed.
  • Mental health treatment options have become more varied and more affordable in the recent years. We offer Austin ketamine therapy, psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapies for individuals, families, couples, children, and more. All of our specialists have experience with these expanding treatment options as well as individual specialties of focus. At our psychiatric clinic, we work closely with you to get you the treatment you deserve. We’re proud to serve our local community, helping those who need help in Austin receive behavioral health and counseling services. Our goals are your goals, as we want to help you get the treatment you need to continue striving and succeeding. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, because our goal is to provide treatment to anyone who needs it. Your initial consultation will include some tests and diagnostics, so our specialists can recommend the best counseling and treatment options for your symptoms. Check out our site for resources that will help you better understand what you are experiencing. If you’re interested in getting treatment at our psychiatric clinic in Austin, contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about how we can help you!