In response to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, Dr. Goldman will be offering only telemedicine services to all new and existing patients beginning Monday, April 13, 2020. To schedule an appointment and for more information, please call our office at 817-329-3300. We are accepting new patients at this time and look forward to meeting you.

Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry

Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry

Most people are now likely aware of the term “Telepsychiatry”. It has become more common than ever to receive remote psychiatric sessions through live online video applications such as Zoom or simply over the phone.

Southlake Psychiatric and Counseling Center has adapted to the need for remote psychiatric sessions as well so our clients may continue their HIPPA-compliant sessions from the comfort of their own safe environment. We now offer Texas telepsychiatry to patients throughout the state and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a session!

How Telemedicine Can Prove Advantageous to Patients?

Not only is this a convenience during times of sickness such as a pandemic, but this option offers alternatives to missing sessions while away or traveling. Virtual telemedicine also eliminates the awkwardness of sitting in the waiting room and helps you be more efficient over all with your time by eliminating the need for road travel. Now you can find a private space within your work, car or home and have a meaningful counseling session without falling off track and stopping progress. Our team of Dallas telemedicine psychiatrists are standing by to help you through these unprecedented times.

How does Telepsychiatry work?

We can have a simple phone call or set up a Zoom video call, depending on your preference.

This is a huge convenience for elderly patients now or in the future to always have access to therapy and limit exposure to the public. Or, for busy moms and dads balancing busy schedules. Virtual Telemedicine is a convenience for all of us here to stay and grow as technology advances us forward. Southlake Psychiatric and Counseling Center is proud to offer a virtual alternative to assist with your therapeutic needs.

If you want to schedule a telemedicine session with us either for the first time, or set up a regular schedule, simply email or contact us by phone to get started!